experts in biotechnology and Agro-nutrition.


Who we are

Fertium Maxima is the leading company in research, manufacturing and distribution of fertilizer products, designed to maximize efficiency in agriculture.

Fertium Maxima is also strongly committed to sustainable agriculture, respecting the environment and advocating the proper and efficient use of agro-nutrients. Our duty is to meet agricultural needs without compromising the possibilities for the future.

Our objective has always been a pioneer in new technologies, continuously enhancing its R + D department and collaborating with important agricultural research centres and prestigious universities.

We have a presence throughout the world, always seeking to provide each country with the best and most advanced technologies for the development of their agriculture.

Our products

We are located in Spain from where we manufacture the most appropriate nutritional solutions for each crop and each type of soil

Global distribution

Fertium Maxima | Centro Empresarial Miralbueno | Avda. Manuel Rodríguez Ayuso 114 | 50012 Zaragoza (Spain) | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.